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History Curriculum

“The more that you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” T. Roosevelt


History Curriculum Intent 

Our intention in History is to convey a greater understanding and knowledge of British and World History. We believe that the study of history involves engaging pupils in investigating questions about people and events in the past in order to enable them to better understand their lives today and prepare them for a future as more informed and enlightened citizens.

By using the golden threads of migration, invaders and settlement, legacy and achievement and our locality, we engage children in discussions about the complexity of people’s lives, including those of the present, the process of change and the diversity of societies and beliefs, whilst celebrating these differences. 

We teach our pupils to ‘think like a historian’ by examining artefacts and sources from the time and encouraging them to think critically about what we might be able to learn from the evidence. Woven through our planning is a recognition of diversity - we teach the pupils that people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and religions have had an impact on the world and we hope that children see themselves in our curriculum. 


Curriculum Implementation 

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