'We Journey With Jesus Beside Us'

Building the Kingdom

Building the Kingdom 

Building the Kingdom puts  Christ at the centre of all our subjects. Children are given the opportunity to explore big questions about life and faith. It encourages children to be creative, to develop their own opinions, personalities and helps them to develop their own unique talents and gifts God has given. Children also look at how they can be stewards of our Earth, how they can take care of our planet and what they can do to help our local community. As part of Building the Kingdom, we also celebrate Christian festivals and research how different cultures celebrate them around the world.


Loving God,

Awaken within us our calling to be a living witness of your love in the world today.

Open our eyes, so that we may see that no one is beyond the reach of love.

Open our hearts so that we reach out in love to all those in need.

And open our minds, so we understand that the love you have for us is: a love that protects, a love that hopes and a love that trusts, and a love that will never fail, no matter what.

And may we be witnesses of this love, so that we too can help transform our world to be a reflection of the Kingdom of God today.



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Diocese of Salford
UNICEF Right Respecting School
Healthy Schools Manchester 2023-2024
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St Dunstan's RC Primary School

Bacup Street
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Head Teacher- Mrs Eccles
Enquiries - Mrs N. Dooner
Senco - Mrs G. Baker

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