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English Curriculum

As a school we aim to :

  • Fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum and EYFS Curriculum, providing a broad, balanced and stimulating scheme of work.
  • To promote the importance of reading and writing as skills for life and as tools for enjoyment and personal development.
  • Promote a stimulating literacy environment, where pupils and staff are encouraged to explore the four key skills of language teaching and learning -speaking, listening, reading and writing.
  •  Encourage the use of these four skills, in all areas of their learning, to develop understanding of the English language and thereby provide a key to unlocking the knowledge available to them in the wealth of literature around them, in our multi-media society.
  • Provide an English Curriculum to which every pupil has equal access by differentiating the curriculum, where necessary, in terms of learning objectives, learning outcomes and teaching methods, in order that all children should reach their potential, ensuring that each child is included and supported.
  • Teach children to become effective and independent communicators, both in speech and writing, who can adapt their talking or writing according to any purpose and audience. 
  • Plan in opportunities for cross curricular activities, which will extend pupils knowledge and understanding of the world around them and their own selves within the world; and to develop their personal literacy skills to the full.
  • Plan for external agencies to have an input into the school’s curriculum by inviting authors and theatre groups in to school and by arranging for educational visits to relevant plays, theatres, libraries etc. outside of school.
  • Respond to the professional development needs of the staff in order to fulfil the above aims

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