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Year 4P

Welcome to Year 4P


Miss Pearson (class teacher), Mrs Maddocks (teaching assistant) would like to welcome all children, parents and carers to our class page.

A day in the life of 4P

A day in the life of 4P is filled with busy things to do, yet it is exciting! Within our class, we have 30 hardworking, talented children, supported by Miss Pearson and our teaching assistant, Mrs Maddocks. Each week, we do lots of wonderful subjects, for example Art, Science and History.
When we reach school, we sanitise our hands, sit down quietly and start our handwriting whilst Miss Pearson does the register. In handwriting, we try and improve our joining up. Luckily, we are given delicious bagels to eat to accompany our handwriting. Following this, we start our reading lessons. After reading, we begin our incredible writing lessons where we are given a chance to be creative and create pieces like double page spreads, pen portraits and other types of writing. As quick as a flash, we start lining up sensibly for break time.
Break time
Fortunately, we have so many things to do at break time. We can go on the pole like monkeys, climb on the climbing wall, play football, shoot basketballs in the hoop and balance on the trim trail. We are also able to talk to our friends and get pumped up! There is something for everyone.
After break time
When we come in after break, we sanitise our hands and sit down quietly. Next, we start our maths lesson. In maths, we learn about place value, roman numerals, and addition and subtraction. We use our brains in this lesson as much as we can. After maths, we sometimes do number sense. In this lesson, we learn about number senses and practice our simple maths skills. Then, our teacher Miss Pearson reads our interesting class novel and we say our lunchtime prayer.
Lunch time
At lunch time, we line up ready to go into the dinner hall. Once we get into the hall, we either eat our packed lunches or yummy school dinners. For our school dinners, we pick our main food and our pudding. After that, we choose some healthy fruit and get our knife, fork and spoon. Once we finish eating, we go outside and play for half an hour, and we have lots of fun. Once half an hour has passed, we freeze, line up and go back into the classroom to start our afternoon.
After lunch time, we sanitise our hands to keep us safe. We sit down and wait for Miss Pearson. Once she comes, she does the register. We either do Science, RE, PHSE or art. In these lessons, we can talk, share ideas and experiment. Sometimes we can do the daily mile and play some games for our lesson. Once we come back in, we watch some videos about our topic and get ready for home time. At hometime, we say our hometime prayer. Then at 3:00-3:30, we are collected to go home, except when we are doing one of our fun clubs.
By Gabriella 


School uniform

School uniform is worn by all children in all classes from Nursery to Year 6. This supports our equal opportunities policy in school. For fundraising purposes, there will be occasional days where children do not need to wear uniform. All uniform must be clearly named and the school cannot take responsibility for losses.


The uniform is:-


  • Royal blue knitted jumper or cardigan with our school logo (available online from Price and Buckland)
  • Light blue shirt of blouse
  • Grey skirt or trousers
  • Black shoes (no trainers, sandals or heels)
  • Grey socks or tights
  • School royal blue and yellow striped tie

In the summer term, girls may wear a blue and white gingham dress.


PE Kits

PE will take place on Fridays . On these days, come into school in your PE kit:

Black tracksuit bottoms (not shorts as it will be colder)

A plain t-shirt

A tracksuit top or jumper - any colour, but if it’s black or blue, even better!

Plain, black trainers 


Year 4P Class Timetable


Here is a normal daily timetable for Year 4P children:

9am Morning Prayers and register

12.15pm – 1.15pm         Lunchtime

9.05am – 10.15am      Maths


10.15am – 10.30am     Break

Afternoons: RE / Geography / History / Science / Art / DT

10.30am – 11:00am    Reading


10.00am – 12:00pm   English

3pm onwards         Prayer and home time  

12.15pm               Lunchtime prayers




Homework / Reading

Homework will be uploaded onto SeeSaw for you to view and complete in your purple homework books. A piece of homework will be uploaded weekly for you to work on. In 4P’s homework books, there are logins for Times Table Rock Stars and Numbots, as well as lots of home learning websites for you to practice your maths skills. In the homework book, you will also find a login for Letterjoin, where you can practice your handwriting, and a list of words that you should learn to spell correctly.


Letter Join - practise your handwriting  


User name:             jk2914         

Account Password:   home


Oxford Owl e-books


User name:             Year 4P4      

Account Password:   StDunstans4P





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