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PE and Sports

Physical Education and Sport at St Dunstan's


It is our aim to deliver high quality PE and sport for all children at St Dunstan's, to develop their enjoyment of sport and physical activity by promoting passion for lifelong physical activity through shared interests with other children, schools and clubs within the community. All children at St Dunstan's receive at least 2 hours of PE each week. We also provide extra opportunities where possible (this is why PE kits need to be in school every day!)


Extra curricular performance has been outstanding in recent years. School sports teams have recorded no fewer than 2 county titles for football and handball and consistently compete in the latter stages of citywide competitions. The St Dunstan's football teams have often been very successful, winning a number of leagues and tournaments. Despite the successes, our children live to the values of being a good sportsman; gracious in victory and humble in defeat.



Children at St Dunstan's have had the opportunity to compete in a number of sports, including: football, handball, hockey, netball, basketball, tennis, cycling, swimming, sailing, kayaking, cross-country running, athletics, tag-rugby and squash.


Physical education and games are a central part of both our Key Stage curricula. St Dunstan's recognises that all healthy children have a need to be active and fit. Sport and PE will give our children a positive outlook on health and, furthermore, it will develop important ‘life qualities’ such as strength, resilience and agility. 




School Sports Premium 


The government is providing funding of £150 million per academic year to provide substantial primary school sport funding. This funding is being jointly provided by the Departments of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. 


The sport funding can only be spent on sport and PE provision - schools have the freedom to choose how they do this. School are responsible for demonstrating how the money has been used each year and the impact it has had on PE and school sport. 



Click on the links below to see how St.Dunstan's are improving their provision for PE and sport. 














Promoting Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development through PE



High Quality Providers


School staff and highly qualified coaches work together to ensure that our children receive the best physical education and sport coaching. 



Go Active Sports Coaching

Dave, Paul and the team from Go Active Sports Coaching provide tailor - made lessons for children from Year 1 to Year 6, in line with the requirements of the new National Curriculum 2014. To ensure high quality provision, the coaches are regularly assessed and monitored by the PE subject leader. The team also provide lunchtime activities and games provision, and are in the process of developing intra-school competitions (family vs family!) for all age groups.


Starting VX Rugby Coaching 

This year, we have begun using Phil, a hugely experienced rugby and tag rugby coach, to introduce the game at St Dunstan's. Initially providing training for Year 1 and Year 6 boys, Phil prefers coaching to paperwork and arrives early on a Friday morning to allow other classes to 'have a go!' 





Lennox and Michael B - Rugby specialists!!

Lennox and Michael B - Rugby specialists!! 1
Lennox and Michael B - Rugby specialists!! 2
Lennox and Michael B - Rugby specialists!! 3
Lennox and Michael B - Rugby specialists!! 4
Lennox and Michael B - Rugby specialists!! 5
Lennox and Michael B - Rugby specialists!! 6
Lennox and Michael B - Rugby specialists!! 7



PE Pupil Voice Questionnaire 


This half term, we have been asking children what they think about their PE lessons, the current after school sports clubs and what clubs they would like to have. 


Declan and Mia, our Sports Captains, have analysed the questionnaires (in between working hard for SATS!).


Please find the results below - you have asked, we have arranged!!  Don't forget to sign up for the clubs now!




                            A big THANK YOU!! Cartoon Trophy Clip Art

We all knew that we needed new sports kits – they seem to just magically disappear! – but Mr Eppleston decided to do something about it! He wrote to 2 local firms asking for help: Cresta Cars (a local taxi service expanding across Manchester) and Moston Lane Appliances and, after a few days, received two phone calls! Two brand new full football kits are on their way! 


Thanks for your hard work, Mr Eppleston and thank you to both firms for taking the opportunity to sponsor our sports teams and hope we can be extremely successful (and smart!) in return.



     Year 1 and Year 6 Rugby Training GraphicRiver Rugby Players Silhouettes Set 528307


This term, we invited a rugby coach, Mr Parker, into St. Dunstan's to work mainly with Year 1 and Year 6 boys (although other classes soon sneaked in as well!). 


The aim was to improve teamwork and interaction with each other, build resilience and determination skills to use both on the sports field and back in the classroom. 


The sessions were very successful and we can definitely see the difference in a lot of these children! 


Year 3 and 4 get ready - Mr Parker will hopefully be back in the summer to work with you! 

Year 6 Rugby sessions

Year 5/6 girls football 12th March 2015



                      City in the Community              


On 8th January 2015, Manchester City coaches came to St. Dunstan's, complete with first team players (well, cut outs!!). All year groups took part in football - related challenges, including recording the speed of their shots, dribbling and control, and jumping / stretching. Despite the frequent  rainshowers, all children had a great time and competed against themselves to improve their personal scores. 


The coaches were impressed with our children's sporting prowess and behaviour and will be returning with further activities in the very near future. 

Year 6 work with City coaches

Year 4 Multi Skills

Some of the school teams

Some of the school teams 1
Some of the school teams 2