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Mrs Baker's Group:

Session Six - the children explored the forest and found lots of leaves, sticks and petals that they could use to decorate their own forest crown.

Session Five - the children collected sticks and decorated them to make wands. They used them to cast spells on the forest. :)

Session Four - This week the children pretended they were birds and collected wooly worms in the forest to take back to their nests. Then they made bird feeders and hung them in the trees...

Session Three - This week in Forest School the children read the Julia Donaldson story 'Stickman' and then the children made their own Stickmen. Then they explored the woods and found homes for their stickmen. They then played with mud targets and build dens during free play. :)

Session Two - This week at Forest School the children explored the Forest School area, played games and made a bug hotel for all the insects in the Forest School area. The children came up with the great name of 'Transylvania Bug Town House'.

Session One - The children were very excited to be the first group using the new Forest School area. They were mini detectives for the day, they made binoculars, went on a nature hunt and explored our new Forest School area whilst getting stuck in the mud. :)