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Information about Forest School:

Forest School is an all weather activity which means that the sessions will take place in all weathers (unless extreme weather such as high winds or heavy snow).  Therefore your child needs to be appropriately dressed for the sessions. 



What does my child need for Forest School:

* Warm outdoor clothing - At the moment the weather is cold and wet, therefore children need warm thick clothing to change into and a coat suitable for the outdoor environment .  They cannot wear their school uniform as they need this to change back into after the session.   (A good example of this may be a warm thick waterproof coat, a thick jumper and a pair of jeans or thick trousers.) 

* Wellington Boots - it gets very muddy in the Forest School area so a pair of Welly Boots is important to keep your child's feet warm and dry.  They also need a thick pair of socks to wear with the boots. 

* Hat and Gloves - the sessions last approximately 90 minutes and keeping their heads and hands warm is essential. 

What happens during a Forest School session?


During each session the children are given the chance  to explore the Forest School area.  They play games, bond with their peers, learn about the environment, complete an activity, have a snack, enjoy free time to play and reflect on their experiences.  Each session the activity they complete will differ from the previous week. 

When will my child take part in Forest School?


When it is your child's class turn to take part in Forest School sessions you will receive a letter giving you notice of when the sessions will begin.  They will run for 6 weeks.  Please complete the letter and return it to the school as soon as possible. 

What can I do to help?


The best way in which you can help is by providing your child with suitable clothing and footwear so they can attend the sessions.  Ask your child what they did today at Forest School and get them to tell you what they have learned or made.  Encourage them to get involved and enjoy the sessions.