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The 12 archers are all making great progress and are looking forward to going to Assheton Bowmen on 7th July to try shooting with real arrows.  The club have very kindly agreed to host a Have a Go session with our archery club.  This should normally cost between £200 and £250 depending on how many people attend so it is amazing that they are prepared to give the children this experience free of charge. 

This week in art club the children made colourful elephants using old milk bottles, we loved making all our elephants unique.

Art clubs first session. Today we did dot paintings using cotton buds.


After School


At St. Dunstan's, we aim to provide a range of extra-curricular clubs that cater for a wide range of interests and abilities. Below, you will find a few examples of the clubs available. Please do be aware that clubs often change depending on the time of the school year. Regular school newsletters will keep you up to date with dates and times of clubs. 


If you need any further information, please feel free to contact the relevant member of staff or ask at the office. 


Hockey and Multisports

Adult in Charge: Mr Bostock 

Who: Year 1 & 2

When: Monday

Where: School Hall or Playground



Adult in Charge: Miss Whittle

Who: KS1

When: Tuesday

Where: 1/2L classroom



Adult in Charge : Mr Bostock 

Who : Year 3 & 4

When : Tuesday

Where : School hall/playground



Adult in Charge: Mrs Stevens

Who : Years 5 & 6

When : Thursdays 

Where : 6W classroom