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British Values

Already this year, we have been discovering and exploring 'British Values' through a number of different activities and experiences. 

Great British Values Assembly (Nov 2015)

Years 4R and 5FH have had the great pleasure of working together to dramatize an assembly on Great British Values. The children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of working together to plan, rehearse and finally deliver what has been an excellent and informative assembly.

We have learnt such a lot about our British Values and how they try to meet the needs of everyone in our society. The assembly showed that as a Nation we are very fortunate with many, many opportunities to lead a very fulfilling life for our own sake and for the sake of others.

The assembly has made us realise just how fortunate we really are, to live in our society where such values are at the core of our society.

We also enjoyed the After Assembly celebrations!

Who Put the Great in Great Britain - East London Kids Choir with 2012 Rap

The song from our British Values Assembly! The children loved singing this catchy song at the end of their brilliant assembly!

26th February 2016 


Imran visited St Dunstan's to educate us all further about Islam. See class pages for further details. 

Debate Mate (Nov 2015 - April 2016)


Have a look at Year 6 class page to see how a group of year 6 pupils are experiencing democracy in action!


Still to come this year........


Dumebi and Giulia have written to our local MP - Lucy Powell (Shadow Secretary of State for Education - to invite her to visit St Dunstan's to see how much progress we have made as a school over the last few years.


Ms Powell has agreed to visit - watch this space for  confirmation of the date. 



19th May 2016

A member of the Parliamentary Education Service is visiting St Dunstan's to run a number of workshops, including elections and voting.